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Ms. Business


THE business blueprint

 So, you’ve decided to pursue your passion and start a business to make some money while you're at it!

  Sure, striking out on your own is exciting and can create more freedom in your life.

 But it’s deeper than that, isn’t it?

 I know you’re here to do meaningful work that leaves a legacy and creates
 generational wealth for your kids’ kids’ kids. I totally get it.
 But to create a business you and your family can live off for years to come, you
 can’t just wing it. You need a plan.
 And okay, you wrote that stuffy old business plan between meetings at work, just jotting down what you want to make for the year, your product or service offerings and maybe a marketing plan. And that’s a good start, but you need more.

 See, I’m talking about a plan strong enough to take you

 from idea to execution to retirement.

 A solid foundation to carry you through those tough days when you get more “no’s” than “yeses.”

 One that will keep you going on those sleepless nights you’ll spend building your brand.

 You need a strategic blueprint, siphoned straight from seasoned pros, to walk you through all stages of business (even the ones you didn’t think of) and give you a
 solid step-by-step plan for the life of your business.

Listen– planning for the long haul is the only way to generational wealth. 


 If you could use an expert eye to help you get your business off to the right start,
 The Business Blueprint is for you.


Welcome to The business blueprint COURSE!

My name is Shaquanna Brooks, CPA a.k.a. Ms. Business and I want to help you start your business from idea to execution.

I designed this course to walk entrepreneurs through the entire process of executing their ideas. I'll show you how to successfully and efficiently execute your ideas using my 4 step process. The course consists of 4 modules, with each module dedicated to a specific part of my technique. The course will cover all aspects of business including how to develop and protect a profitable idea, bring it to market, scale it, then sell it. 

As a bonus, you will also receive a custom workbook to be used as a companion throughout the course ultimately providing you with a business plan that will clearly define your business, and an understanding of how you will run it in order to return a profit. 

If you are not that familiar with developing a business – don’t worry, I've created this platform as a one stop shop to bring you the best education possible... straight, direct, with no loop holes.  

Becoming successful in business is all about understanding how finances and taxes work. 

After you've learned the basics you then can head over to module 3. This is where I show you how to grow your business! We go in-depth with marketing, hiring, HR, how to buy assets in your business name, and tax planning and I show you all the secrets that only my private students have access to. After you've learned this, you will be able to operate your business with CONFIDENCE.
One of the great things about my course is that it also includes monthly lives where you're able to ask questions, and a membership group (free for 90 days) to provide a community for success.


Meet Ms. Business

Ms. Business brings more than just 10 years in diverse tax, finance, business formation and consulting experience to her role as a Certified Public Accountant. With her clients having an estimated combined net worth of over 40 million dollars, her clients have achieved business success with her strategic, forward-looking solutions. Some of her strategies include chosing the correct business structure & understanding business taxes to name a few. Ms. Business feels obliged to not only service her clients but also to educate them. 

Her passion and dedication for business, finance and most importantly for people started from growing up in her family culinary enterprise which has spanned more than 3 decades. With a hunger and dedication to her education Ms. Business graduated on The Dean's List from Brooklyn College in NYC. Her leadership skills, a knack for educating others and take-charge demeanor landed her a position with one of the most prestigious accounting firms in the country. Very early on in her career as a CPA, Ms. Business realized how many people were misguided, misinformed and uneducated when it came to financial literacy. These statistics ultimately lead to the development of the Ms. Business brand

From speaking at networking events all over the United States, hosting webinars to curating financial literacy and networking events of her own, Ms. business has dedicated herself to being a resource. And with a great understanding of the small business model, corporate structure, and operations, Ms. Business is able to provide tailored support to her clients, her peers and her community. The Ms. Business brand ensures the educational tools to a path way to long-term success and generational wealth.

you cant work on your business while working in it!

500,000 people quit their job in November 2021.

There were 20 million small business owners in 2020 in 2021 the number hit 500 million.

NOW IS THE TIME to build your blueprint!

I've included the workbook ($300 Value) that will help you develop the ultimate business plan for a profitable business!



Sign up now and get immediate access 

  • Module #1 – Developing a Profitable Idea $250 value!
  • Module #2 – Forming a Profitable Idea and Getting Funding $250 value!
  • Module #3 – Growing Your Business and Hiring  $250 value!
  • ​Module #4 – Selling Your Business $150 value!
  • ​​Bonus  – Blueprint Workbook … a $300 value!
  • ​90 Day Access To Community - $300 value

That’s a total value of $1,500

But if you sign up today EARNERS only pay $500!  

That’s right, you’ll basically be paying for 2 modules and get the remaining modules, workbook, and membership for free!


Module #1 – The IDEA

Here you’ll learn:

How to shift your mindset into choosing a business idea that will be profitable vs. selecting one based on passion only. Decide if you will do this alone or have partners. Get to networking and learning from all the experts in your field, then figure out how much you will need to get started.

Module #2: Execution

Here you’ll learn:

How to build your business on solid ground. We will not build businesses that we can not own. So upon choosing the right business entity, we will also make sure we can trademark our business name before we even start building it. Then comes the hard stuff; pricing, contracts, getting business credit, getting funding, tax deductions and my favorite (not so much) implementing processes.

Module #3:  Growing Your Business

Here you’ll learn:

How to grow your business. Now that we’ve built a business on solid ground, it’s time to scale. We can not grow our businesses without understanding marketing, payroll/hiring, HR, bookkeeping, tax planning, and compliance.

 Module #4: Forward Looking

Here you’ll learn:

What to do after you've successfully built your business. We are building businesses to become financially free, not to work forever. So now it’s time to decide what's next. Will we retire? Sell the business? Dissolve it? Or start all over again.  

Bonus #1 – The Business Blueprint Workbook

This 100+ page workbook was developed to be used as a companion to the course. Upon completion of this course, you will walk away with the ultimate blueprint to build a solid and profitable business. 

Bonus #2: Inside The Business Membership

You'll unlock 90 days free in my brand new membership community "Inside The Business With Ms. Business"

Advanced #2 – Putting it all Together

Now that you have the main ingredients, it is time to put them all together.

 In the last module you learned a lot of the elements  that come with securing the foundation of your charts... Here you will learn key factors that combine these elements, including entries and how to execute based on various confluences.

Advanced #3 Time to Execute

Here you’ll learn:

In the section of the course you are literally ready to master the market.. 

In the first video I teach you how to do a top down analysis step by step... then I pick up the speed breaking down various charts so you understand how to analyze where the market, and where it is going.

Once you master your analysis, its time to add in your entries and execute your trades. 

 Welcome to freedom.  

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